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the godmother

Fight Breast Cancer with a Mother's Day Card!

Hey guys,

Every year, I walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer... a 2-day, marathon-and-a-half walk to raise money and awareness to fight breast cancer. I've done 15 walks since 2002 and raised $112,000. This year I'll be doing two walks (San Francisco and New York) and trying to raise $15,000.

One of the ways I raise money is with Mother's Day cards... basically, people make a donation directly to the Walk and then I send a card to their mother (or anyone else they want to celebrate for Mother's Day) telling them a donation has been made in their honor. I've got 9 cards to choose from (made from photos I've taken) and the tax-deductible donations can be $25 or $10, depending on the card.

You can check them out and see all the details here.

I'm equally appreciative of a donation or spreading the word! :)

Thanks so much!
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