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Any help for autistic people trying to leave abusive families

Cross posted from lj community socialwork:

UPDATE: I have deleted this post, as ladycatherina's friends have asked that I do so. Her friends who are seeking support for abuse want to write their own post that will explain the entire situation.

Thank you so much to everyone who responded or tried to help.

Please read the quote from ladycatherina's lj blog below for an explanation why her friends' asked for the post to be deleted:

“Thanks for the reposts about my friends' friends who are experiencing abuse - they very much appreciate the support. However, they did not actually write that post - other friends created it for them without explaining their entire situation. For example, the abuse is not physical so much as financial and emotional...still wrong but harder to prove. Also, they are only looking to live with people they already know and trust due to some bad roommate experiences. They would prefer that you delete the offense intended, it's simply that they don't feel comfortable living with strangers who may offer temporary housing (even friends of friends of friends) and will turn those offers down, which might hurt some people's feelings who are trying to help. They really appreciate that we took the time to help out and look for resources...just they would rather write their own post and explain the entire situation before people go out looking for help and advice, just to make sure that people understand what's going on and look for the right things. So if you wouldn't mind please delete the posts in the communities where you may explain why and thank people who responded, or I'd be happy to thank everyone”.
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