hanasanyikaze (hanasanyikaze) wrote in advocates,

Special Limited Edition Poster for Sale--fundraising for Japan!

Hello everyone,

My partner and I are currently trying to raise tsunami relief funds for Japan and funds to start up our own art studio/publishing company. We're selling a limited edition poster for $16.50 USD. The poster is an original work, and only 200 copies are available internationally.

$6.50 of every poster sold will be going to help Japan with aid, and $10 will be going to help raise funds for our art studio/publishing company. Both causes are extremely important to us, and we would very much appreciate your contributions.

Click on the thumbnail to be redirected to the shop. You'll also find a picture of the poster and up-close details.

If you do not have paypal or a credit card, you can contact me and we will make other arrangements.

Thank you for your kindness.
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